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Complete Pest & Wildlife Control Service

At ASAP Wildlife Removal, we believe in providing pest & wildlife control solutions that are reliable and get to the root of the problem. That’s why we cover all aspects, from inspections to trapping. On top of that, we want to make sure unwanted visitors don’t return, so we provide an effective pest & wildlife exclusion solutions.We are a family-run business that is readily available and accountable. We know how urgently you want to get rid of your pest & wildlife problem that’s why we serve them an eviction letter ASAP!

With our 5 star service, we can confidently say, we have the best pest and wildlife solutions for your needs.


Expert Pest & Wildlife Trapping

When it comes to catching your target problem, we analyze how they’re interacting with your environment. Our multiple trapping methods allow us to position traps in relation to their movement patterns, droppings and entry points.

What to expect throughout a typical trapping session:

  • The typical length of trapping is around 10-14 days. Every 1-4 days we will come back out to re-bait the traps, remove what’s caught and reposition traps.
  • For a lot of treatments, you can be in the property and we will try not to disturb you as much as possible. However, in some instances, there are treatments that require a vacated property. At ASAP, we understand the daunting nature of nature and we treat each property we visit as if it were our own!


Expert Pest & Wildlife Exclusion

We understand that nobody wants to have an infestation, and that’s why we’re on hand to pest-proof your property and keep those unwanted visitors at-bay.

Exclusions are key to helping prevent pests from entering or returning to your property. We aim to seal the main entry points as well as any potential areas that may become a problem down the line. And rest assured that we always use durable long-lasting material that withstand the test of time.

We have trusted, certified and discreet pest & wildlife control methods, that prevent unwanted visitors, from pests as noisy as roosters to those that are as quiet as mice!

Reocurring Service

Expert Pest & Wildlife prevention

Recurring services are offered for almost every animal type. We recommend having a service to keep animals away after an invasion, but for those concerned about a potential threat, we provide preventative recurring services as well.

We’ll recommend how frequent we should service your property to keep the problem animal(s) at-bay. Whether the service is monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or seasonal, we create a plan that is catered to your needs.  

And the best part - If anything comes back, guess who is responsible…. You guessed it, WE ARE!

Dead animal removal

Total Removal & Disinfecting

The smell of decaying flesh at your property is not only obtrusive but also quite disturbing. Here at ASAP, we pride ourselves in giving peace to your nostrils.

We sniff out the dead carcass and completely remove it from the property by any means necessary.

To effectively remove a dead animal, it entails the proper disposal of the carcass, disinfecting and potentially deodorization of the affected area when necessary.


Cleaning & Disinfecting

At ASAP we’re proud to offer a selection of dedicated disinfecting services in both residential and commercial environments.

We aim to eradicate any potential health hazards left behind from all forms of animal  activity (fecal matter, dead animal, etc.), leaving a clean and safe space for your family or colleagues.

Our specialist team will work with you to establish the most effective disinfecting service for your needs, and will then implement this in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

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