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These orange tooth architect’s are phenomenal sculptors of the land. While deeply admired, they can be a DAM nuisance, causing floods, cutting down tress and piling debris. We currently cover all areas of Metro Atlanta & outside the perimeter. Call today to find out more.

Speacialist beaver control & management

Peace control

Have you been noticing water creeping up on your yard? Wood shavings next to trees? Chewed branches floating in the water? This may be the first sign of a beaver population.

At ASAP Wildlife Removal, we know that if you have a beaver problem, you want to resolve it as fast as you can. Well, now you’re just a phone call away!

Every beaver problem is different, so we offer custom-designed solutions, with the main focus of getting to the source of the problem, preventing future issues and ultimately delivering peace of mind.

Either you can leave it to beaver or leave it too ASAP.


Our inspections are different from your typical. We don’t just do a quick glance, we conscientiously examine and evaluate what’s disrupting your peace.


When it comes to catching beavers, we analyze how they’re interacting with your environment. Our multiple trapping methods allow us to position traps in relation to their movement patterns, slides, dams and dens.


Dam remediation is particularly vital to ensuring that your water source is flowing properly.  We will take proper measures to scale back any build up that could cause water retention. Rest assured that we will give you peace of mind that your property is fully covered!


We offer an on-going population control service. This makes us one step ahead of whatever finds its way around your property. If a new problem arises, we are held responsible for resolving the current beaver issue, giving you long-lasting peace of mind.


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